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How To Choose The Right Progressive Glasses

Progressive glasses:

It is not easy to choose the right progressive lenses as today there are many different options to choose from. Below you will find our guide to progressive glasses. We help you find the right glasses and explain the difference between them.


  1. What are progressive glasses?

Progressive glass corrects your vision at multiple distances at once. In the upper part of the glass, you have full distance correction and in the lower part, you will find full reading power. Between the two parts, there is a fluid transition and it does not seem in the glass that it is a progressive glass.

  1. When do I need progressive glasses?

At the age of 40, one often begins to feel that it is more difficult to see clearly at close range. You have to strain your eyes more, often get very tired when working close up, and the headache comes on insidiously. You have then become presbyopia or presbyopia, as it is also called. You do not have a vision defect in the classical sense, it is simply age-related.

The lens of your eye loses elasticity, which means that the eyes get a harder job when they have to distinguish between different distances. In particular, it becomes more difficult to read and you need glasses. To avoid switching between two pairs of glasses, distance and reading glasses, progressive glasses are often the best solution. You then get a relaxed view both at long and at close range.

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  1. How does a progressive glass work?

Progressive glass is divided into different zones. You use the upper part of the glass to see from a distance, and at the bottom of the glass is the reading part. In between there is a fluid transition and depending on which part of the progressive glass you see-through, you see clearly and distinctly at the respective distance.

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  1. The width of the field of view

Due to the technical nature of the glass, there will always be blurred areas towards the edges. Depending on the type of glass, these areas vary in size. Simply explained, one can say that the usable part of the glass is like an hourglass – wide at the top, narrower in the middle, and wide at the bottom. The better the glasses, the wider the hourglass and you will get a larger part where you see well.

With us, you can choose progressive lenses with fields of view in different widths.

Narrow Field of View:

Our simplest progressive lenses, standard, have a narrower field of view which means you have to move your head more to find your sharp vision. This type of glass can also take a little longer to get used to.

Extended field of view:

In our progressive premium glass, you get approx. 40% wider field of view than in the standard glass. This makes these glasses easier to get used to.

Maximum field of view:

In our elite glass, the field of view is approx. 60% wider than in the standard glass. The significantly wider field of view means that you do not have to touch your head as much when you are reading something, for example. It is also easier to get used to using progressive glass if you choose a glass of higher quality.


It is wise to keep in mind that the frame must not be too narrow when ordering progressive glasses. A certain distance between the upper and lower edges of the frame is required for the various zones in the glass to fit. With us at Eye Room, you can choose from over 4000 different models.

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  1. How much does progressive glass cost?

With us, at Eye Room, you will find progressive glasses from leading manufacturers.

The price of progressive glass:

The price of progressive glass can vary greatly depending on what wishes you have and which glass you choose. Simply explained, the glass becomes more expensive the better the quality of the glass you choose.

At Eye Room, prices are kept low because we do not have any physical stores that require maintenance and staff. Instead, we focus on our online store with headquarters in Karachi where order handling and marketing are handled, as well as warehouse where we also have customer service.


  1. Addiction period

Compared to regular glasses, it can take a little longer to get used to wearing progressive glasses. This is because you have to learn how to see through the different zones in the glass to be able to see clearly. Looking quickly to the side, for example, will no longer work due to the blurred edges. It is not uncommon for you to initially feel that the world is moving or that the world is rocking when you turn your head. As a rule, it is quick to get used to how the glassworks. Try to wear the glasses as much as possible in the beginning so it will take less time to get used to them.


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